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  • A large proportion of commentary about the US housing crisis considers it extremely unfortunate that a large number of people couldn’t refinance their Adjustable Rate Mortgages before the rate got reset to “normal levels”. I don’t know what these people were expecting

    it seems like a lot of these people were made to believe that they only need to pay the artificially lower rate! and that it’s criminal of the bank to be asking for more

  • Both Democratic candidates are talking about state support to help delinquent borrowers to help staying in their homes. They should concentrate on building more housing projects – only difference being that here the government is going to help people buy expensive houses!
  • Sometimes I wonder why people working in IT services companies working on fairly low-end stuff are called “techies”. Sometimes even “software engineer” seems to be a bit of a stretch. What technology are they creating? What engineering are they doing? Aren’t they more like the assembly line guys on a shop floor?

    Disclaimer: I’m not saying this about everyone working in IT companies. There are a large number of firms that do engineering. There are a large number of people who work on technology. Most people, however, don’t fit this bill.

  • Last weekend I finished reading Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. I’ve been planning to write a long-ish post about the way history is taught in schools. Unfortunately NED has been happening. I should be writing this thing sometime soon.
  • The Chepauk pitch seems to have been prepared with the IPL in view and not for a test match. Actually looking at the IPL team lineups the best pitch for a test might be found at Bangalore or Mohali
  • I think i should “graduate” to writing in newspapers. I have a broad outline ready. I have the first post in my head. It’s going to be called “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” (I plan to name my pieces after Iron Maiden songs – which I think is quite easy). This post draws on learnings from the Ramayana to explain the current i-banking crisis. I need to figure out how to approach papers and all that.

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