At the KQA season ending quiz yesterday (done by

), I cracked my third ever western music answer in my 14 year old quizzing career (I managed to work out Freddie Mercury from the “surname comes from ‘native of Valsad'” funda). Unfortunately I spoilt it all as I missed a sitter on Pink Floyd in the same quiz.

Earlier, in

‘s love quiz, I cracked the first ever Maanga answer of my 14 year old quizzing career. It was a question that had to do with the dream of the fisherman’s wife, and the question was dedicated to

. I’m told we were one of 2/3 teams that managed to get Tentacle Rape.

Coming back to

‘s open quiz, we sorely missed a “sweeper” or a “holding guy” (however you would like to call it). The sweeper is basically a guy who sweeps all the easy stuff, the “obvious” stuff and the peters. The lack of a sweeper in our team meant that we comfortably missed the cutoff despite cracking several good answers.

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