chatting up…

was thinking about it on the way back from the gym this evening. i have a big starting problem. i have a problem in randomly approaching random women and striking conversation with them. i believe once i get talking, i can take care of things from then on and things will go the way they are supposed to.

i remember reading this on the dilbert blog a few months back. scott adams had talked about what it takes to be successful. he had said that you need to be either in the top 1% of the world in what you are good at, or you should be in the top 25% in two or three different things, and should be able to combine them. he’d illustrated it with the fact that though he isn’t in the top 1% of anything, he’s in the top 25% in drawing and humor and understanding corporate life, so he’s made it big with dilbert.

now, coming back to what I started with – on getting started with a conversation. one way you can get talking is to make a really really good impression the first time you see each other, in which case you’ll be able to chat her up. the other way to do this is if you meet her in two or three different unrelated contexts. it’s much easier this way.

for example, if i meet in some random function this female whom i’d seen at some random quiz some time back, it won’t be that awkward to chat her up using the quiz as the initial context. the important thing is that you both vaguely remember each other, so she won’t really think it’s some random bloke trying to chat her up.

and by the way, here i’m referring to contexts where you aren’t really required to speak to each other. for example, say if you meet someone at a group discussion, you’re forced to talk to each other then! so you get to know the other person without really feeling awkward.

i’m sleepy now so not very coherent with my thoughts. but let me know if i’m making sense.

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