Matrimonial sites and other stories

I’ve spent the last half hour creating a profile for my cousin on various matrimonial websites. A couple of pertinent observations:

1. There is a column which asks you for marital status. And then one which asks for number of kids. As soon as you check “never married” in the former column, the latter column gets blocked. Basically assumes that you can’t use these websites if you’ve had a kid out of wedlock. And this is common to both Shaadi and BharatMatrimony

2. My uncle was dictating as I typed. There was this box which said “tell me about yourself”. And my uncle asked me to fill “I’m the only daughter of a wealthy father”. I wonder what kind of guys will now try to marry my cousin. I wanted to open that craig’slist ad by that female who wanted an ibanker chap. Then I realized my uncle and cousin might not have the patience to read such a long thing so I just continued to type… Of course later when my mom came home, she blasted me for blindly filling it in.

3. I recently came to know of this concept of borrowing homes for a short time for bride seeing ceremonies. Apparently if you haven’t bothered to maintain your house well, and it isn’t exactly presentable, you don’t need to despair. Relatives are obliged to lend their houses to you for the purpose.

4. My uncle instructed me to put in his email ID and not my cousin’s. “If you put her id, she’ll start corresponding without my notice. Can’t happen”, he declared. And she watched quietly as I filled things in. ??

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