More on studs and fighters

My recent post on studs and fighters was generally well-received. However, there were a few issues that people raised regarding the framework. Some of them were

  • Stud and fighter are not mutually exclusive – some people are both
  • You can’t categorize those that are not stud or fighter as losers
  • All studs are not similar, and all fighters are also not equally similar

To address some of these, and to further enrich the model, I came up with the following. The basic concept is that everyone (I mean everyone) is both a stud and a fighter. Rather, everyone some bit of studness and some bit of ability to fight, the extent of course varies. And thus, based on their stud and fighter levels, all the people in the world can be mapped on to the following rectangle:

Left bottom is of course the absolute loser. Who has absolutely no talent and also has zero ability to fight. There is a stud cutoff and a fighter cutoff (haven’t marked them explicitly on the graph). All those whose studness exceeds the stud cutoff qualifies to be a stud. Similarly for fighters. If you clear both cutoffs, then you look at the diagonal line to see which category you fall.

Using this, I think we can include a larger number of people into the analysis, compare people, and still retain the old framework of studs and fighters. ?

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