Old flames

Following a 2-minute chat with #1 half an hour back, it turns out that I’ve talked (through GTalk, mostly) to all my “old flames” in the last thirty-six hours. Conditions for someone to be on this list is that the person in question should know me (rules out Kajol, etc.) and the crush should have lasted at least a week (else it gets unmanageable).

Quite an incredible occurence, not unlike the lining up of the planets. For, there were some pieces in the puzzle (eg. #2) that were lost until a couple of days back, while interaction with some others (#3) is extremely infrequent, limited to about two chats a year or so. The others are better off in this regard. I’m in touch with #4 on an almost daily basis (through email and chat), and chat with #1 and #5 quite frequently (about once a week).

Interestingly, all five of them are now outside India, in four time zones across three countries (#4 and #5 are in the same city). So it did help that I was online practically all day yesterday, so that i could catch all of them at some point of time or the other.

And in some sense it feels good that I’m not in touch and on fairly decent/good terms with all of them, considering the extent to which I had messed up things with each of them! And to think of it that with each of them (apart from #1, maybe), I had messed up things to such a bad extent that they had all cut off communication for a while.

Ah, those good old days when I used to fall in love with someone at the drop of a hat! And to now think that I haven’t even had a one-minute crush on anyone for over a year now…

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