For the uninitiated, the inter-state Twenty20 is being played out in Bombay and Ahmedabad now. And given India’s early exit from the world cup, all the national team players (whose states are still in contention) are playing. After the BCCI’s stern steps a week ago, no one seems to be taking chances.

And the tournament is throwing up some excellent fare, such as this game. Such a pity that it isn’t being telecast!


I learn that Neo Sports still has the rights to telecast it, but given that they have already telecast the minimum of 74 days of domestic cricket they are under no obligation to telecast it. Hence they are not showing it!

Such fools! With a little publicity, they could’ve minted millions from showing this. Tell me this – would you rather watch a dead rubber between Sri Lanka and Australia or a twenty over slogfest between Bombay and TN with Sachin taking on Yo and Dinesh Karthik taking on Zaheer and Agarkar!

A wonderful opportunity missed for a number of people!??

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