Ban the chinks

So it has been confirmed that the chap responsible for the massacre at Virginia Tech is a chink. Korean to be precise. And he did this after a fight with his girlfriend.

Chinks are an immoral lot, I say. First they have girlfriends, which goes against our rich culture. Second, girlfriends have the gall to ditch their boyfriends. Again thoroughly unacceptable. And last but not the least, the spurned boyfriend kills not just his girlfriend but also some 30 other innocent harmless people.

The response to this should be harsh. The least that the US government should do is to ban all chinks from studying in the US. Nothing less. These chinks will snuff out whatever morals are now left with the American kids. Down with the chinks.

If this were in our India, our government would’ve banned all foreign students from Indian campuses. And maybe given Arunachal to the Chinks. No way we would’ve tolerated such alien culture here. I sincerely hope the US government does something about it.


Minal Panchal, one of the people killed in the Virginia Tech massacre, has an orkut profile. Check out her scrapbook. Has all sorts of people offering condolences. God bless them!

Yet another update

Now, there is an orkut community dedicated to the chink. I’m sure orkut will be banned in south korea soon.

PS: Just had this one doubt. Are Koreans included in “chink” (in the american context; not indian where “chink” refers to northeasterners)? Else, what are they called?

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