Schrodinger and career

Juniors at IIMB got placed last week, many of them with fairly fat salaries. This leads me to ask myself what I am worth, and whether I am being paid as much as I deserve.

Now, the only way to actually figure out how much I am actually worth is by putting myself up in the market. By putting myself for “transfer”, and interview with a few firms, and negotiate and then find out how much they are willing to pay me!

The selection of firms to interview with presents a dilemma – if they are firms I actually would want to work for sometime, I can’t bump them after they’ve made the offer. If I interview with firms which I’m never going to want to join, I don’t think the valuation is accurate!

In other words, I can’t measure my “worth” without disturbing the current situation. Doesn’t that remind you of Quantum Mechanics?

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