a few kannada movie titles with translations…

AK47 – automatic kalashnikov whatever…
om – how do i translate this?
ssshhhhhhhhh? – a strange sound of silence or whatever…
swastik (the symbol, not the words) – no translation
huchcha – madman
namma basava – our bull
appu – baby elephant
thaayi kotta seere – the sari that mother gave
karulina koogu – the cry of the uterus womb (thanks AHP for pointing out)
H2O – supposed to have lots of meanings. ranging from water to “hero to zero”
mona lisa
police dog?
dakota express
– a train going to some states in the US
Mental Manja
live band
lathi charge

tarle nan maga
– my naughty son
super nan maga
– my super son
muddina maava – dear father in law
rupayi raja – king of rupees
thumbida mane – full house
rowdy MLA
hello yama
~ hello St. Peter
jipuna nanna ganda – my miserly husband

Guess that should be enough fro now. Apologies for not providing translations for a few, but i guess they are mostly self-explanatory

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