creamy layers…

so the aptly named “oversight committee” is out with it’s report. as expected, it calls for phased reservation. and as expected, there is no mention of the “creamy layer”.

there has been no hue and cry yet about the creamy layer, but there might be. however, implementing it is virtually impossible. for a start, a “creamy layer” clause may prevent descendents of beneficiaries from availing reservation – which I believe makes a lot of sense.

However, considering that a number of votaries are beneficiaries of reservations themselves, they wouldn’t want their kids (grandkids rather, these buggers are so old) to “suffer” from their own decision. it would be akin to snatching a sweet away from your kid’s hand – something none of these “leaders” will do. and considering the large proportion of “backwards”, it is impossible for the “creamy layer” thing to go through. Sad but true.

On a different note, I have decided it’s time to do something about my waistline, and I’m starting by targeting the creamy layer. curd rice is an essential part of my diet, and nowadays, i’m removing the creamy layer from the top of the vessel which holds the curd and consuming the less fatty and tastier underlying curd. think it has started working! and if a separate “creamy layer policy” can work for my waistline, there is no way it won’t work for the country!

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