In search of a petromax

Right now, at times, life seems quite meaningless. I have frequent bouts of depression, and I believe that having a woomaan should help. However, I believe that the set of problems because of which I’m depressed is temporary, and in due course of time things should become better and I should be fine.

Now, if you remember, basic finance says that terms should balance – the tenure of a liabilities and assets should match. To explain it in English, if I need to fund a long term (say 10 year) investment, I should ideally take a loan for ten years. If the need for money is immediate but short-term (say a couple of months), I should raise short-term capital.

You can clearly see that my problem is short-term, rather, I think that my problem is short-term. Hence, a long-term liability (such as a girlfriend) is not the ideal way to fund it. I’m better off taking on something short-term. In other words, I need a petromax!

So, if you are a girl approximately my age (24) and live in Bangalore, and are looking/willing to petromax, get in touch with me with detailed CV. If you are lucky enough, and not enough people apply, I take you out quickly enough and interview you. If, however, I’m hotter than I think, and lots of people apply, I might be forced to have a Group Discussion.

Update: For those of you that don’t know what petromax is, it was introduced by the Anant Nag starrer Golmaal Radhakrishna (circa 1990; sorry, it’s not there on IMDB). I introduced the concept to the readers of this blog in this seminal post, about a year and a half back.

A petromax is a lamp which uses Kerosene. During the infamous power-cuts in Bangalore in 1980’s and 90’s, most homes had a petromax which used to be turned on during power cuts.

Figuratively, petromax is the light you use for a short term, typically when the light of your life is away. However, in cases such as mine, there need not necessarily be a long-term light-of-life. To summarize, petromax is a short-term romantic relationship.

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