Duncan Fletcher is racist

He abruptly cuts short the international careers of Vikram Solanki and Kabir Ali, and consigns them to playing for Rajasthan.

He leaves out Monty from the first two ashes tests in favor of an ageing and injury-ravaged Giles (of course that the latter can’t turn the ball doesn’t matter here!). Giles is a better batsman it seems.

After a stupendous performance against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Sajid Mahmood finds himself in the cold for the first couple of ashes tests. God only knows what Jamie Anderson did better than Saj to deserve a berth in those teams, apart from being firang of course.

Sajid continues to be forgotten for most of the one day series and no-hopers like Chris Tremlett are playing. Finally gets recalled for the last two group games, and England win both.

He calls up Ravi Bopara all the way to Australia as cover for the injured KP and Vaughan. Gives him one game. Sends him to bat lower than old man Paul Nixon. Asks him to bowl after the match is practically over. And after a decent performance, unceremoniously drops him for the next match.

Need we say more?

I hereby decree that Fletcher should be made to participate in the next edition of Bigg Boss on Sony, be called “the firang” and be thoroughly abused by everyone else in the house. He is sure to be the first to be voted out of Bigg Boss and after Blair has made his usual noises, should be sent back to his native Zimbabwe. Mugabe saab will then take charge and maybe feed him to his pet lions, after ensuring that sons-of-the-soil occupy every inch of his soil that is! Or maybe Mugabe might be more benevolent and have him for breakfast!

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