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had my year-end performance review late last week. surprisingly for me, it turned out to be pretty good. my bosses seem to be happy with whatever I’ve been doing and have asked me to “keep up the good work”.

given the A T Kearney fiasco, which had (among other things) totally shattered my confidence and had led me to ask myself if i am fit at all for the corporate world, this provides for some relief. the review may not be as good as the one I had got at J P Morgan during my internship, but good enough to let me know that I am doing decently enough to carry on, and hopefully get a decent bonus.

right now though, I’m waiting for tomorrow evening. My vacation starts tomorrow evening and will go on till the 1st of January. Don’t have any concrete plans yet, apart from making up for all those lost hours of sleep, and catching up with school buddies, many of whom will be flying in from different parts of the world during the next ten days.

I always used to wonder about the concept of “playing for lunch” – you might have observed that when there are only a couple of overs left for lunch, the batsmen give up on their efforts to score and just try make sure they don’t get out. I never understood the logic behind that.

Now I do. Two days to go for my vacation, and “no enthu da” is happening. Just spending eight hours in the office, making a deck out of whatever i have worked on in the last couple of months. That’s it. I’m not attempting to score. Just making sure i’m at the wicket and not doing anything silly!

And while on the topic, I’m really thrilled by India’s victory in the first test. And also, i’m damn happy to see dada back in form. And I know the secret behind his success – have you noticed that red bandana under his helmet?

Red bandana ki jai!

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