Why isn’t adeep lahiri an IITian?

When Satyendra Kumar Dubey was shot last year the papers were full of “IITian killed”. He got loads of footage in the TV media, and a lot was made of the fact that he was an IITian!

Now, three days back when Adeep lahiri gets killed in bangalore, he has been downgraded to a “techie”. Some papers even went to the extent of calling him a “BPO guy”. Only some painful reading of the detailed news items revealed he’s a graduate of IITKgp.

So does that mean IITKgp isn’t as IIT as IITK (dubey’s alma mater)? Does it mean that an IITian stands to lose his IIT status if he does MBA at SPJain? Does it mean that an IITian is not an IITian if he’s in Bangalore but he is more IITian if he lives in Bihar (of course, IIT has greater brand value in bihar htan in bangalore – i’ve had embarrassing situation where people asked me if i joined IIT because i didn’t get a seat in RVCE… or if i’m studying at ITI… etc.)?

My disgust iwth the media remains.

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