the joys of weekend

Executive Summary:
1. The quality of your weekend determines the quality of the following week
2. How much you enjoy your dinner depends upon how much you enjoy the company of the other people at your table

Now for some globe
For the first time since i started my job, i had a free weekend in Bombay. For a change there was no work, and managed to just laze around and consume coffee and read stuff and meet up with people.

Feels really good. I think the key to having a good week is having had a good weekend before that. Why don’t more non-European employers understand this? Really sad that my first such absolutely free weekend (where the only connection to work was my boss making a brief appearance in my dream yesterday) had to come after I had submitted my resignation!

Yesterday there was a MAMU (mumbai alumni meet up). 20 people turned up for the dinner at Sheesha. Was a strong get-together. Considering that most of us were seeing each other afte 4 months, there was really a lot to talk about and it was a lot of fun. Reminded me of term 1 actually, when everyone used to freely talk to everyone else, without any “gumbalization”. Sadly, fragmentation started happening in term 2.

Sheesha (in Bandra) is a strong place. we were seated on mattresses and quilts cross-legged (a la congress working committee) and thulped heartily. Hope we keep having such get-togethers. they’re good fun. Though i’m sure as time wears on frequency will wane, and finally this will get merged with Anusmaran.

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