people at work

an important thing people ask us to look out for while looking for a job is ‘people’. people who you are going to work with are definitely important to the quality of life at work, and an important thing to be kept in mind while looking for a job.

one thing, however, i was thinking of the other day – “good people” might not exactly imply “good people to work with”. people might be great to hang out with, nice to talk to, but not necessarily good people to work with. others would be people who you can team up with really well, whose styles of working might gel with yours, but you won’t be able to talk about cricket or politics, let alone philosophy, with them.

think when you say “people”, you actually need to look for “good people to work with”. life at the workplace is much more important than life outside (if the former is screwed up, the latter is also screwed) and you can always have friends outside of your workplace for the philosophy and cricket!

Now that i’m looking for a job, can someone give me guidelines as to how i can figure these things out in a single interview session? As to whether the people at the firm are great human beings. And whether they’ll make great co-workers.

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