More on arranged marriage

Earlier today I happened to meet an old friend, who was my benchmate in school for 9 years. Apart from the usual senti talk and looking back at our wonderful times in school, she talked about her impending wedding. Having failed to find someone for herself, she?s taken the plunge into the ?arranged marriage market?.

She was telling me about the several prospective grooms she?s been meeting. ?Some are so pathetic I start wondering how anyone gave them a job?, she says. She goes on to mention a couple of things a few of those prospectors had mailed her. Really funny stuff.

When it was time to leave, she tells me ?say hi to your mom. I?m sure I?ll meet her sometime soon when I come to deliver the wedding invite?.

Me: What? You?re sure you?ll find someone soon enough?
She: yeah yeah, as far as I know my mom has already found someone for me. Just that she?s not telling me.
Me: So you don?t know who it is but are giving consent?
She: Given my conservative family background, for a long time I?ve resigned myself to this kind of a wedding, so it?s not tough at all. And I know my mom well, and that she?ll find someone proper for me.
Me: All the best, take care, bye, etc.

Wondering if, a few years down the line, I?ll have to face a similar story?

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