IIM vs Bangalore

Don?t know if I?ve written about this earlier, and too lazy to check the archives also, but want to mention that I didn?t find much of Bangalore in IIMB. The campus is so damn cosmopolitan, and the people in the shops there speak every language but Kannada, it is easy to forget which city you are in.

For example, during our super-stressful first week, when I had just moved from IITM, and when I never stepped out of campus, I repeatedly forgot that I was in Bangalore and parents were only a local call away! A number of times, I had to pinch myself to convince myself that I was in Bangalore.

Then, in my second week, I had to go to Jayanagar to meet a friend. So I walk out of campus, see a bus across the road, run across the road and behind the bus and finally get into it after it had started! And it was quite crowded, I must say. However, this particular incident left a homecoming kind of feeling in me.

I go to Jayanagar, meet friend, go for a really long walk with him, get back onto a crowded bus, make small talk with my co-passengers, bitch about Deve Gowda, and then get off at Bilekahalli. And then I walk in to campus and instantly find myself in a totally different world, perhaps in a totally different city!

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