Arranged Marriage

After I came home late one evening last week, my parents are saying that the only way i can become more responsible is if were to get married. My dad said that ideally he would’ve liked me to get married before i start my job, but since that’s not feasible, I have two years’ time. This has got me starting to think about the thing.

I seriously hope I’m able to find someone for myself within the next couple of years, and not enter the arranged marriage market. I can’t bear the thought of having make perhaps the most important decision of my life after one short interview!

Apart from this, in the arranged marriage market, I reckon that my resume would overshadow me. There is a greater chance of ending up with someone who’ll want to marry me for the fancy degrees I have got; for the fancy job i’ll be doing; for the fancy compensation I’ll be getting; because marrying me would look good on HER resume; and so on. No one would bother about what kind of guy I am, whether I’m nice or not, and all such.

Good chance the thing might lead to suboptimal results.

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