Reluctant NRIs

Try asking an NRI where he or she is working, the answer you usually get is “I’m working in New York City” or “I’m working in Burkina Faso”. Upon a lot of persuasion, you get to hear something like “I work for a hardware firm” or “I am a commodities trader”.

It is only on very rare occasions that anyone will tell you the name of the firm he/she is working for. Is it that the firm is so obscure that the NRI believes it’s a level down for him/her to mention the name of the firm? Or worse, does he/she think that I’m too stupid and won’t know the name of the firm? Or is it that most people actually don’t want to know/don’t care about the name of this person’s firm, and I am counted among those typical people??

Reminds me of a MTech from IITM who went to the placement interviews and was asked “what is your area of work?” and promptly replied “Andhra Pradesh”!!

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