That is the magic number I take out of IIMB. Not very different from the 8.91 (out of 10) I got at IITM. Yet another unspectacular performance. Something that is above average, but not something people would exactly look up to.

This number could have been higher if I had put more fight into the more uninteresting courses. This number could have been higher had I chosen my courses more carefully – with one eye on this number. This number could have been higher had I chosen to lick profs a little more than I did. It could have been higher had I cut out all those sessions of wing cricket, of the Age of Empires, long conversations, bitching sessions.

When I walked into IIMB, I was the topper of the entrance exam. And I thought with some effort I could top here too. Mugged earnestly in 1st term. And then, from topper I started aiming for just being in the “director’s merit list”. And then my ambition changed to a “straight A” – A in all courses. And then I started aiming at a 3.4 .

A 2.7 in “managing organizations” changed all that. Summer internship in my then “chosen sector” and a 1.88 in Marketing didn’t help my cause either. Completely gave up on acads after that. A brief return to effort in 4th term was also quickly vanquished and here I am – with a very unspectacular CGPA.

Looking back, I had no regrets. Going out of IIMB, I’ve got a job in my now chosen “sector” (don’t know if consulting can be classified as a sector). I had a lot of fun in my 2 years here. Built many relationships, personal and professional. Enjoyed quite a few courses. Managed to get A in most courses I liked. A 4 on 4 in a total of five courses. Being seen as a “quant stud” (side effect of which being not too many people saw me as a consultant).

Some people saw me as a fighter. A few thought I was a freerider. Some considered me to be a stud. Others thought I’m this general guy who just cracks entrance exams. Some still think I can’t see beyond my books. Others think I’m a chilled out guy. Probably this is why I had so much trouble in answering the question “what do your friends say about you?” in the interviews four days back.

I’m so happy I came to IIMB. And now, it’s a mixed feeling of excitement and worry and nostalgia as I move out into the corporate world. My student life seems to have gotten over far quicker than I had anticipated it to.


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