Post mortem

While I was talking to a couple of hours back, I started reflecting on the various interviews I had on “day 0”. Just for the heck of it, I’ve been trying to figure out why only one of the four companies I applied to offered me a job. Think I’ve figured it out.

Problem with me is that I’m too honest. Too truthful. Like to call a spade a spade and allow the counterparty to decide how good the spade is. Make no efforts to mask the negative aspects of the spade. Believe there’s no point bluffing my way into a job; I might end up being unsuitable for it.

Playing back the videotapes of the interviews in my mind, I seem to have projected this image of this chilled out stud. Looking back at the “cases”, I don’t think any of them would have had any problems with my problem solving skills. I handled most cases rather adeptly, and there was also stuff on my resume to show that I have good problem solving skills.

Where I “went wrong” was that I allowed them to see that I am this chilled out guy who likes to have his share of fun. I didn’t show them that I’m a “fighter”. I showed myself as a guy who’s capable of doing really well, but hasn’t actually lived up to it (unspectacular CGs). I showed myself as a guy who likes to chill (“some friends think I’m this really chilled out guy”, “If I were to change the way I lived at IIT, I would’ve probably tried to have more fun”). As I see it, they wanted to see a guy who says he’ll get married to his work and put in as many hours as required.

Anyways, I’m happy I told them the truth. I’m happy I managed to show them the person I am, rather than subjecting them to a rude shock a couple of months down the line. I’m happy I didn’t have to bluff my way into a job. I’m happy one of the four firms liked me the way I am, and wanted me to join them.

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