Sleepless in Bangalore

Have been suffering from lack of sleep for a long time now. It’s about a month since I woke up all fresh and raring to go. Last 3-4 days (after my placements), I’ve been managing 8-9 hours a day, but still I wake up with my arms and legs feeling really weak, with a slight temperature, head throbbing and wanting to get back to sleep.

For about a month now, I’ve been inexplicably being woken up really early in the morning. On some lucky days I wake up at 8, while on some others I’m up and about by 7. Considering that I sleep not before 2 AM, it’s resulting in a huge deficit.

Wondering why this is happening to me. Could it be because I put a little too much pressure on myself before placements? Could it be general fatigue? Or is it some weird health problem I’m facing? Or some psychological problem?

Whatever it is, I better sort it out before I start work on May 2nd. Can only get worse then.

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