Looking through the pages…

Suddenly “inspired” by an arbit conversation with a friend, I happened to rummage my almost defunct yahoo mailbox and look through some old mails. a series of exchanges with her, circa early 2004.

Given the current context, it made really insightful reading. Rather short exchanges (though at times i would write really long mails). Mostly to the point, though I used to (even before i started on my MBA) put a little globe here and there. Discussed a multitude of issues. Occasional fights and misunderstandings. some things we’d told each other then we’ve told each other in the recent past.

Some things I told her then I’d never think of telling her now. Wondering what she used to think of me those days! Some things remain though. Me writing long mails. The occasional apology. Some things I told her then I still believe in.

Looking at the “collection” it looks like some mails I’ve deleted sometime. Kicking myself for that. And I remember telling her then something to the effect of “our conversations are so insightful that if one of us were to become famous, the other can publish these letters and also become famous!” Still believe so.

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