From a bride’s point of view

This season’s weddings are scheduled to start next Friday. We have around 180 brides to get married this time, and it is special because I happen to be one of them. We hear from our elders that the number of grooms coming this time is much more than last year, so we’ll have greater choice.

Having had a look at various grooms who came to show themselves off over the course of the last month, I have taken a very serious interest in five of them. One of them (people say he’s a little mad) has rejected me but the others seem to be interested in me. I have also told six others that I might be interested in them, though I’m not particularly interested. Hoping for the best.

There seem to be a lot of changes in our village due to the impending weddings. There seems to be a pall of tension and gloom all over the place. It is not very surprising, given that it is a matter of our lives. There is nothing worse than getting stuck with a bad husband, though I must say that in our community, divorce is fairly common.

In order to make themselves more attractive, some of our girls have been visiting the witch who lives in the end of the village who can change the way people look. They say that a visit to her is important in order to improve their chances of finding the husband they want. Some of them have come back looking much better than usual, though most of them have started looking really funny. Maybe the grooms like them this way, who knows. I, however, am not interested in this witch business and am hoping to make an impression by other means.

Maybe I was really immature last year, but I had written that ours is a very united tribe. However, a year later, having come of age, I beg to differ. Girls here seem to have changed overnight. We are all competing for the same grooms, you see, so there is no reason for us to cooperate.

People have generally started ignoring me. Some of them will be discussing about some groom, but when I reach the spot, they abruptly stop talking. Then, our elders have passed on some ancient manuscripts reading which is supposed to increase our chances of impressing the grooms. You don’t know how tough a time I had locating it. Finally one kind elderly girl shared it with me. I’m so grateful to her!

It is so funny, so weird. We all grew up together in this village, played together, did everything together, but now they don’t like me. In fact, I don’t think they like each other also. We all came to this place to find grooms, they say, and if we think you might beat us to our favorite groom, you have no right to be friends with us.

Anyways, I’m eagerly awaiting for the D-day. When my four favorite guys come here to pick brides. I sincerely hope at least one of them likes me. And yeah, I guess I need to get back to those manuscripts less the other girls beat me to it!

PS: You can find the full story of the weddings here.

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