Yesterday, walks into my room when I’m blogging and says that given the volume I churn out, I should rather try and write a book. He went on to say “just a 1000 words a day and you can probably become a bestselling author, a la Robert Jordan”.

Problem with writing a book is not that I can’t write 1000 words a day. It is that I can’t write 1000 words every day on the same damn thing. I would rather write 1000 words a day, on three different topics every day. Maintaining a general blog like this gives more freedom to my thought!

A month ago, I had thought of opening another blog, and segmenting my posts topicwise. I can classify most of my posts as Personal (today I got a crush on someone types), Descriptive (where I write about what I had for lunch), Topical (where I write about “issues”) and General, which doesn’t fit into any of the above three.

I think the audience for personal and descriptive posts is vastly different from that for Topical and General posts. So it would have made a lot of sense to maintain two journals. However, that would put constraints on the number of posts I put on each; I’d force myself to write in one of the journals even though I didn’t have any good ideas for it; the flow would’ve been lost.

So this is the way the journal remains. A chow-chow of many different kinds of posts. If not anything else, It will give freedom to my thought.

And yeah, in my break between placements and starting of job, let me see if I can come up with some good ideas for longer prose.

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