Eeteez over

Ten minutes ago, I mailed the second assignment of Financial Time Series analysis to the Prof. What has followed is a mixture of emotions… jubilation, relief, sadness, nostalgia… not able to describe accurately how I’m feeling right now.

Yeah, my MBA is over. Officially. Only evaluation (i’m sure of passing all courses) and the convocation remains. It’s been a good two years. Never once regretted coming to IIMB. I would be wrong if I say that I’ve never felt bad, it’s been quite a roller coaster ride.

There have been these numerous occasions when I’ve felt I’m a misfit in IIMB. There are these occasions where my topper mentality (even though I’m not a topper) has resulted in some unpleasant differences of opinion. I’ve succeeded in pissing off a large majority of my batchmates, for various reasons, at various points of time. There have been these occasions when I’ve sat on the parapet near my room, head hanging, wondering if I have a future at all.

Then there was the class picnic to Shivanasamudram last August. And the advertising competition the day after, when I directed a “mad ad” for the first time ever. The inter-section sports. Scholarship. Summer placements. England. G Base. J First. “Wing fart”. Wing Cricket. Tsepak. Futsal – 3 parttimers beating 3 institute team players 14-3. Basketball at L^2. Parties at L^2. Getting drunk – twice. Some of the people here. Blogging.

Apologies for whatever I’ve missed out from these lists.

Sniff Sniff

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