I just finished setting my last question for the Grand IIMB Open Quiz, to be held as part of Unmaad 2006. It’s been a month of hard work googling, wiki-ing, digging out fundaes I had made a mental note of ages ago, noting fundaes for probable questions in a grubby little notebook, scouring papers and mags. Finally it’s done. I have my quota ready. Just need to stick my ass to the chair for a couple of hours now and put the whole thing down on a PPT. Feels so good.

The open quiz is on 4th (Saturday). Prelims are at 11:30 am and the finals at 3 pm. The whole thing will be held at the Management Development Center. Prizes of 15K, 12K, 9K for the top three teams. Lots of audience prizes also.

Aadisht, Kodhi and I have tried our best to give you guys a good quiz. Research started a couple of months ago. We have tried our best to make sure that all questions are approximately of the same level. We have tried not to put “peters” or “chimps”. We sincerely hope that everyone who comes there enjoys the quiz, irrespective of their performance.

As for other events at unmaad, has put a whole post on it (which looks like the official invite). Please refer to that.

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