The Fourth Estate

As I had explained earlier, I recently found the back issues of The Fourth Estate, the erstwhile IITM journal. The last two of them had stuff written by me. Both written about “contemporary” events (events which were contemporary at the time of writing). Both really badly written. And both utterly scandalous.

At first I couldn’t believe that I could’ve written so badly. However, a little analysis revealed that these were my first couple of attempts at writing. Before 2003, I had probably written not more than a page outside of my exam answer scripts. Then, she suggested that writing might help me “cool down”. My first piece came in the April 03 issue of the Fourth Estate. A wholly one-sided view of institute elections. The second was in the January 04 issue. About some robotics thing. I couldn’t go beyond the first couple of lines of my article so I don’t know what it’s all about.

All said and done, a portion of my resume reads “Regular contributor to IITM publications such as The Fourth Estate and Total Perspective Vortex“.

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