i seem to be lousy at projects!

started making my resume yesterday… after making a couple of pages of rough bullet-points i decided to have a “projects” section in my resume. made a rough listing of all projects and course term-papers i’d done. here it goes…

o Btech project ? online algorithms ? total fraud.
o Online advertising project at IBM ? interesting stuff but total fraud work
?Course projects
o MO, ME, finac ? not worth mentioning
o Marketing ? bad job
o MPPO ? bad job
o Strat ? cant? talk too much about the project
o RMD ? fraudmax
o M&A/MBFI ? study of the Indian banking industry/valuation of HDFC Bank
o CCS ? fraud
o Econometrics ? minimum needs of poor ? one of the better projects
o Soc Ent ? didn?t put enuff enthu
o Data structures ? did decent work. Not relevant here
o Programming Languages ? fraud
o Networks ? interesting project; but too little work
o Compilers ? good project, freerode big time
o AI ? too simple
o DBMS ? freerode
o Software Engg ? didn?t do good job
o Memory based AI ? fraud
o CSD ? good stuff. Not relevant

Finally decided to eliminate the entire section!!

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