presidential stuff…

Standard practice is when someone does something stupid, you tell it to a lot of people so that everyone can have a good laugh. Sometimes people find interesting excuses to make sure people don’t make fun of them.

Sathya is the president of the IIMB student council. He’s been upto a lot of goofy stuff of late. Some of it is really hilarious. Even if it’s not true, it is worth laughing at how he makes them all up. However, he keeps exhorting to us wingers not to make any of his stuff public.

He says that being the president of this institute, he needs to maintain a certain stature and some stuff we might find funny might turn out to be controversial and he might get impeached! This way the ugly bitch manages to get away with all his goofy stuff with not more than a handful of us enjoying the sight/news of it!

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