was the armor research successful??

I had written in these columns a few days back about the process by which people can take girlfriends/boyfriends “on rent” and referred to them as “petromaxes” (concept borrowed from “Golmal Radhakrishna” *ing Anant Nag, Chandrika and Vanitha Vasu).

One case I had mentioned in the story was regarding a “good friend” who had taken her boyfriend’s best friend on rent when her boyfriend was too busy…

She happened to read it today. Said it was a “disgusting concept” and that they were just friends. Then a few minutes later she messaged again saying that she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.

Now the question that is puzzling me is whether my “armor research” was successful. No physical ramifications yet. Oh yeah, this female was a really good friend of mine not so long ago. Perhaps my closest female frined but for this other female who was my benchmate in school from 1st to 10th standard. It’s all over now (though i must tell you that the sinusoid has been on the decline ever since her rental started). Such differences are not likely to last long and i’m sure we’ll make up some day. However, it’s unlikely whether we’ll reach the same dizzying heights of friendship again.

So, my dear friend, tell me whether my armor research was successful or not. Else your head will blow into a thousand pieces.


An hour after I put up this post, her boyfriend (the regular one, not the petromax) came to my room and started shouting at me saying how i’ve depressed his girlfriend because of my writing and stuff. About how I shouldn’t write whatever crap I want without taking the concerned people’s permission. He went on for an hour. I just allowed him to shout as much as he wanted peppering it with timely “OK”s. Rather, I was engrossed in the newspaper while he shouted…

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