of haircuts and hand washes… arbit stuff

Went home on Saturday and was promptly sent away for a haircut. He cut it really short and took off my sidelocks. Couldn’t recognize the guy in the mirror after i’d put my specs back on! Funnily, no one noticed it!

Then, back home, I washed my favorite pair of jeans. Originally light blue, it had turned a strange shade of dirty green after a dip in the Kaveri at Hogenakkal and a machine wash with surf excel hadn’t done much good to it. Soaked it in water, scrubbed it till my hands pained, beat it on the washing board, did everything to turn it back to blue. Proud of my effort now.

Speaking of clothes, my blue suit let me know today that i’ve become fat. Refused to sit properly on my shoulders. Had a tough time at an otherwise good lecture by a leading consult company about its private equity practice.

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