it’s one of those days today when i’m generally hassled in life and don’t feel like doing anything. Totally bored with everything and i got this feeling that i’m so screwed in life. That i lead the most pathetic life in this world and there’s no one to support me. First time in eight months i’m feeling this way actually.

Usually this thing has a cure when I have an extended conversation with someone I’m comfortable with. Sathya was around for the last couple of hours and just left for some presidential work. And for a change, it doesn’t seem to have worked. Still very pissed. Hope I don’t get into that depressive cycle I was in 8 months ago!

And contributing in no small measure is this ugly wisdom tooth trying to find its way out. Not able to open my mouth wider than a centimeter, making it difficult for me to eat!

And then, there’s constant depressing feeling that I’m getting too fat and doing nothing about it.

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