resume mentoring…

Old classmate from school is a facha in a premier B school (one that is ranked 2 notches below us in the league tables). He asked me to look at his resume for summers. It was one which had been passed through 6-7 seniors in his school. And which has been sent to quite a few companies already.

Was quite a shocker. Reminded me of the crappy resumes our fachas had made in first week. Looked very empty. Too many lines with just one word on it. No proper framing of sentences. So many simple rules ignored.

It took me all of two minutes to transform the resume. At the end of it, I had left no empty spaces in his resume, created three extra lines (to put in more stuff), highlighted the relevent portions, etc. And this to a resume which 6-7 people in his school had already seen!

Wondering if the difference between #2 and #4 (going by most league tables) is so much, what is the fate of the rest? Looks like there is something seriously wrong with management education in our country. And today we had a debate on our internal forum where we discussed that IIMB itself stands nowhere internationally.

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