shoes and lunches…

my search for a good pair of sneakers ended two days back. went to a multibrand discount store called “why pay more” in front of my house and bought a pair of Nikes. Went back home and told my parents that I’d spent Rs. 1900 on a pair of sneakers. And they freaked out.

“We know you have a lot of money. But why spend more on something like a pair of shoes when you can get similar ones for Rs. 500?” All arguments on brand and comfort didn’t make sense to them. A shoe is a shoe is a shoe, they countered.

In another incident, I recently told my parents that I’d spent Rs. 300 on lunch at a Thai restaurant. Once again they freaked out. “You can get six good lunches at Adigas at this rate. Four even at MTR. Henceforth you shouldn’t have such expensive lunches. So many people go hungry because they don’t have enough money to eat. You may rather give money to charity than having such expensive lunches”…

This time I decided not to react and quietly walked away.

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