first year over…

my first year in IIMB ended twenty minutes ago. Unlike the drama that accompanied hariba, mine was a quiet affair. I just decided that I couldn’t stand the Macro Economics paper any longer. Quietly stood up, gave the paper to Gundu Rao and walked out. After I finish writing this post, my comp will be dismantled and sent home. I’ll be leaving for home soon too.

Later in the evening I’ll be leaving for London. For my internship at JP Morgan. Looking forward to it. In fact i’ve been so excited that i couldn’t concentrate on my exams for the last 2 days. Hopefully i’ll get some time off from what is supposed to be a busy schedule in London so that I can continue to maintain this journal. Else, the next post will be on June 13th.

First year in IIMB was good. Much much better than IIT. Reminded me of those glory days of 10th standard. As i walked in to this place, I found many more people like me. Fell in love with the general culture here (not the academic part of it, though). Could feel like I am part of the insti right from the day I joined. I still can’t forget my first few days here. When it was all about meeting new people… exploring the campus… etc.

I still remember the time during my first week here when I forgot which city i was in! IIM is so different from bangalore. All the pseud value we put in here… And then on my second day in IIMB i had to go out. Walked out of the gate and saw a bus passing by. Quickly crossed the road, ran after the bus and jumped in while it was moving. It was crowded. I made small talk with my co-passengers. Had a hand over the pocket where i’d kept my wallet adn phone. Similar experience on the way back. Got down and walked into campus. I was in a different world once again…

That digression apart, the first year was largely good. Acads didn’t go too well. Extra currics were just ok. But life was good. In general. Used to enjoy the classes in the first term. Then the kind of camaraderie that used to exist in our class in our first term was paralleled only by my school. Then there was tsepak. And bracket. And L^2 (before IIMB the last time i’d been to a party of that kind was in 11th). And net access in my room. And how can i forget our first class picnic? And travelling all over the country for myriad reasons (twice to madras, once each to delhi and bombay). And going out for dinners. And putting bhasad in the wing. And those long bitching sessions. Lots more things.

Of course the situation wasn’t all THAT rosy. There was the dreaded ap-ex. And Rambo. And SadUrangani. And the woreshtest HR Courses. And i had to live with the fact that most people didn’t understand my IITM dialect. Cuppax. And then, those long philosophical trips I used to go on. And when i used to sit on my armchair with my head buried in my arms with all sorts of weird what-ifs. And pestering certain people to talk to me, without much effect. And getting drunk on L^2 and doing all sorts of weird things which made me REALLY infamous. and going into hiding because the whole institute wanted to copy my assignment.

As James Hetfield croons out “The Unforgiven 2” for one last time in this room, I can say i had an extremely good first year. It’s now time to begin a new chapter in my life…. Need to begin all the packing up and stuff… baah..

Now I see the sun!!!

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