The last hindi movie I saw in a theatre was Yuva (last May), a real classic i must say. If not for anything, you must watch it for Abhishek Bacchan’s award-winning performance and……

kareena kapoor… she’s definitely not one of my favorite actresses but the performance in Yuva is (IMHO) really breathtaking… the carefree look on her face… the attitude she displays… as she jumps up and down to Rahman’s breathtakingly haunting-yet fastpaced “Fanaa”… her hair flying… without a hint of worry… shucks i’m repeating myself. i must say that i haven’t seen too many people who can display that kind of attitude. i really fell in love with that character.

As for “Fanaa…”, I came across this interesting piece of trivia in a quiz a few months ago… (courtesy Satyajit Chetri)…. as in the meaning of the word fanaa was given, it was told it’s related to a recent hindi song… yet i didn’t get it… felt like stabbing myself to death for not cracking it… didn’t do it so i’m writing this today.

For the record, Fanaa is a sufi word. it refers to a stage one passes through in which he becomes fully absorbed to the point of becoming unaware of himself or the objects around him. Every existing thing seems to vanish, and he feels free of every barrier that could stand in the way of his viewing the Remembered One and nothing else (forgive the grammar i did a ctrl+c ctrl+v). And I must say I see this feeling on Kareena’s face whenever i see the video of that song….

you can find more about Fanaa at

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