Death Spiral

Had an exam in management accounting today morning. yes the same one was cribbing about yesterday. Syllabus had a section called “cost death spiral” or something like that. Stuff like if you drop one of your products because it is making losses, the company will have to close down all its products one by one until it shuts down.

I am confidently spouting gyaan here while sitting there in the exam hall, I gave one of my worst performances here. Simply couldn’t concentrate. Something was seriously wrong somewhere. An exam I should’ve ideally finished off in an hour took 2.5 hrs and even then I’d done everything wrong.

One thing I can’t forget is the thought process I went through during the last phase of the exam. It went something like “This is a quantitative subject – something I’m supposed to be good at. But I’m buckling under pressure so I’m not able to do well. My mom had initially warned me against IIMs saying I won’t be able to handle the pressure. I didn’t listen to her, so I’m here. If I can’t do well even in the quantitative stuff, nice try I’ll be able to do well in the other qualitative ones. Which means that my CGPA will take a huge beating. My form, or the lack of it, will continue and I’ll do badly in my internship. I won’t get a PPO. This, coupled with my low CG, will result in me not getting any shortlists in next year’s placement season. I’ll further buckle down and end up with one of the lousiest jobs. And why did I come to IIM if I were to do this badly?…. blah blah… “. As it happened, this subconscious thought flow interrupted with my conscious attempts to solve the problem which led me to actually do badly in today’s exam – thus sparking off another iteration of that thought process…

Truly a downward death spiral.

Classes would be much more interesting if Profs were to give real-life examples such as this to explain concepts better….

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