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This is in reference to the article “life is a game of cricket” I wrote a few days ago. Today we were discussing the answers to a certain examination and I was able to explain everything in cricketing terms… The paper consisted of 40 Multiple Choice Questions with +1 for every right answer and -1 for every wrong.

here goes:

Well Left: A tough question which you didn’t attempt

Bowled: A juicy half-volley on middle which you should’ve despatched to the boundary but decided to put a “well left” and got bowled.

Stumped: Thought a question was too easy and answered it hurriedly only realize later that you’d made a silly mistake.

Caught at long on: Saw an easy question involving some calculations. Did everything right and made a small addition mistake in the last step. Just missed out on being a six.

Cover drive: Ball pitched up outside off at driving length, inviting you to edge to the slips. Subtly brilliant question. You decide to have a go at it and hit it to the covers boundary.

Edge to third man boundary: Ball should’ve been ideally left alone. You decided to go for it in the last minute and got a thick enough edge on it to take it to the third man boundary.

Flipper: A question involving a subtlety… not as blatant as a googly though. You play for the spin but the ball goes straight on to catch you plumb.

Bouncer: A nasty question which most people prefer to leave.

Hook: You decide to take a shot at a bouncer and successfully blast it over long leg.

Hook to long leg: You take a shot at a bouncer but somehow mess up the last step and the ball goes straight to tha man at long leg.

Can’t remember anything else right now… Additions to this list are welcome.

PS: It seems in XLRI, ‘batting’ is part of the lingo and refers to a guy’s attempts to patao a girl. Similarly ‘bowling’ refers to a girl’s attempts to patao a guy. And I promise I came up with the theory of ‘batting’ without knowledge of this funda.

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