Missing data in IIMB Alumni Directory

Recently, I got a mail from the IIMB Alumni association asking me to contact batchmates who are not part of the association mailing list. The objective of the mail was to ensure that every alumnus is registered with the association and can be reached for whatever purpose. Among other things (including exhorting us to mail our class mailing lists, etc.) the mail contained statistics of the number of students in each graduating batch and the number of students who are not part of the alumni mailing list.

The pattern in the proportion of people not on the mailing list was quite interesting so I thought I’ll share it here:


For the earlier graduating batches, you can see that the proportion not on the mailing list is very high. And then there are two deep drops, one in the mid-nineties and one around the turn of the millennium. The latter I would associate with all students having a valid email ID at the time of graduation which would have allowed them to be reachable and be part of the alumni association. The former also would be associated with penetration of email.

What is also interesting is the bump around 2010 – while the enrolment rate up to the batch of 2009 seems to be pretty good, something seems to have gone wrong after that. The enrolment rate for the batch of 2010 is as bad as that for 2002, which is quite bizarre! Wonder if the alumni association messed up, or if there were some technical glitches around then or if for some particular reason that batch hated IIMB so much that they didn’t register!

All in all, though, a very interesting dataset.

8 thoughts on “Missing data in IIMB Alumni Directory”

  1. Anecdata alert : Graduated in 2011. I don’t remember receiving a single email asking me to sign-up to the IIMB alumni list. I think the association messed up, and I don’t see why people just cannot be auto-added. Surely email addresses do not change?

    1. the 2010-12 slump can’t be explained by anything apart from the association messing up! And considering that my IIMB email ID redirects to my gmail I don’t know why they can’t just add that email ID to the mailing list!

    2. Interestingly, the head of the IIMB alumni association seems to have no problem finding my email address to send me a promotional email for his new book. That’s the only email I seem to have received from the alumni association.

  2. Or could it be because these networks were easily forming voluntarily on Facebook or LinkedIn? No central Alumni planner needed, just that the college is cutoff from these networks because they were sitting on their bureaucratic ass?

    1. all they need to do is to tap in to one of these facebook/linkedin networks and they get access to the whole batch!

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