Return gift – combined feed

Today is my happy birthday. After a very long time I’ve turned a power of two (not hard to guess which one!). On this occasion I think it’s my duty to give you all a return gift.

Some of you might know that I have two other blogs – one “work blog” and one “public policy blog”. That might explain why some “funda-posts” have disappeared from this blog which has mostly nonsense nowadays.

While some of you are aware of this, some are not, so I thought it makes sense to offer you a combined RSS feed of all my blogs. Currently I don’t write anywhere else, but in case I do I’m sure to link to it from this blog. If I write elsewhere on a regular basis (like Mint, perhaps) I’ll add the feed to that also to the combined feed so that you need to go to only one place to find all my stuff.

I’ve used this site called Chimpfeedr for the purpose, and my combined feed is available here ( I recommend that you subscribe to that to be updated on all my writing.

Update: How (in)appropriate that today being the 6th of December, the gift has to do something with RSS!

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