Coasters are evil

I asked my cook to make me a cup of tea. He did so and placed the steel tumbler full of tea on a coaster on my dining table. I went to pick it up. As I picked up, the bottom of the tumbler seemed to get stuck to the coaster, because of which I couldn’t pick up the tumbler cleanly. And the tumbler came up along with the coaster, and toppled, spilling tea all over the dining table.

And so I had the task of cleaning up the dining table of all the tea spilt on it. Thankfully there was no tea on the floor, and I didn’t lose too much tea. Yet, none of this happens on most days when the cook places my teacup directly on the dining table without an intermediating coaster.

So it is all the coaster’s fault, I tell you. Coasters are evil.

Speaking of coasters, Monkee had once commented that coasters are the ultimate sign of domestication – curtains being an intermediate sign of domestication. And thinking about it, these coasters (one of which was responsible for the spilled tea today) were bought during my honeymoon!

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