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As I write this post I’m ticking off one of those “to-dos” I had listed for myself a long time back – to sit at a hipster cafe in continental Europe, drink overpriced bad cappuccino and use an Apple laptop to write!

I’m writing this from this cafe whose name I don’t remember in the “nine streets” area of Amsterdam. I’ve had an interesting day today – attending a free concert at Concertgebouw, following it up with a massive and thoroughly enjoyable Indonesian lunch at this place called “Sampurna” at the flower market, and then going on a nice slow walk around the nice areas of Amsterdam city.

At the end of it my shoulder was hurting from carrying my one-shoulder messenger bag, which is all loaded up today since I’ve checked out from my hotel, and so after I “snapped” in terms of not being able to carry the bag any more, I settled down in the first cafe I encountered.

Everyone else here also seems to have a laptop, and everyone except one has an Apple laptop. I have no clue who these people are and what they’re working on, but the sense I get is that they are locals and not tourists. And so I’ve joined them, as I type on my Mac – I’m trying to restart this book I wanted to write ages back and had given up upon – perhaps being at a hipster joint might help revive the book – though the horrible cappuccino doesn’t help.

As I enter the home stretch of my holiday in Amsterdam I must mention that I have fallen in love with the bakeries of this city and haven’t for once regretted booking a hotel room that did not have breakfast included in the package. This morning I was at this bakery whose name I forget where I had absolutely splendid apple cake and cappuccino (which came out of a Lavazza machine – no clue why Barista Lavazza can’t make such cappuccino in India).

Ok I’m off now, back to my temporary hipster life, as I continue on the book!

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