Pot and cocaine

Methylphenidate, the drug I take to contain my ADHD, is supposed to be similar to cocaine. Overdosing on Methylphenidate, I’m told, produces the same effects on the mind that snorting cocaine would, because of which it is a tightly controlled drug. It is available only in two pharmacies in Bangalore, and they stamp your prescription with a “drugs issued” stamp before giving you the drugs.

Extrapolating, and referring to the model in my post on pot and ADHD, snorting cocaine increases the probability that two consecutive thoughts are connected, and that there is more coherence in your thought. However, going back to the same post, which was written in a pot-induced state of mind, pot actually pushes you in the other direction, and makes your thoughts less connected.

So essentially, pot and cocaine are extremely dissimilar drugs in the sense that they act in opposite directions! One increases the connectedness in your train of thought, while the other decreases it!

I’ve never imbibed cocaine, so this is not first-hand info, but I’ve noticed that alcohol when taken in heavy doses (which I never reach since I’m the designated driver most of the time) acts in the same direction of cocaine/methylphenidate – it increases the coherence in your thoughts. Now you know why junkies in your college would claim that the kind of “high” that pot gives is very different from the kind of high that alcohol gives.

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  1. scientifically though, cocaine is considered a stimulant, along with coffee for example, while alcohol and pot to some extent is considered a depressant. But I can see how ones personal experience might choose to differ from the norm.

  2. Many people claim they can hear each instrument separately when listening to music while under the influence of marijuana / equivalent. Seems contrary to the disconnected thought theory?

  3. Having tried both pot and alcohol, I can totally related to your post. I even tried them together to see if they cancel out each other, but the end result was a scary , something I wouldn’t want to repeat :).
    Based on my experience, I also feel that introverts like alcohol, whereas extroverts prefer pot. It led me to conclude that some introverts are introverts because they cannot focus on single idea and in social setting, they end up goofing up. Alcohol, by slowing down (that’s what I call it) your brain, allows them to focus on one idea at a time, makes them socially adept when high, and they love this experience, and alcohol.
    Extroverts, who can focus on an idea for longer time, love the experience of all sorts of ideas popping up in their minds (the pot effect).
    We love the experience of being different from what we are!

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