Hottie or cutie?

So if you’re in the “market” (which I got out of close to two years back), it is possible that you might not be able to decide whether to give more importance to a girl’s “hotness” or “cuteness”. If you think about it, though they both contribute to the girl’s general beauty and physical attractiveness, they are orthogonal concepts. So should you go for the hottie or the cutie?

Based on careful analysis, which has been approved by the very hot wife, I hereby declare that given this dilemma, you should go for the hottie. The reason is simple. Cuteness has everything to do with one’s genes, and little else. You look cute because your parents decided to pass on a set of “good features” to you. It says nothing at all about you, or the kind of person you are. It’s possible with respect to cuteness that one came up with the proverb “appearances are deceptive”.

Hotness, on the other hand, has very little with the “gifts” that you’ve been given by your parents, and everything about how you carry yourself. You appear hot to people not because of the way you look (or the way your “features” are, to use an aunty-ish term), but because of the way you put them to good use. If you’re able to fashion an attractive version of yourself simply by the way you speak and act, you must be very attractive indeed!

So. Dear Bachelors. Take my word. And go for the hottie. And Dear Cuties. This means the bar for you has been set higher. You must carry yourself so well that people can see beyond your inherent cuteness and recognize your hotness.

PS: you might argue that cute long-term-gene-propagating partner => cute kids. But hot long-term-gene-propagating-partner => excellent trainer for kids to make them hot. Extend the argument in this post, and you know what’s better for you and your genes

7 thoughts on “Hottie or cutie?”

  1. hotness takes effort. not the best for when you’re seeing the same face every morning in various states of disarray.

  2. Cue The benjarong conference of 2009 and my 2×2 of “in your control/ out of your control” vs “important to you/important to parents”.

  3. Cuties make good wives, hotties make good girlfriends.. the cutie, if she sets her mind on it can become a hottie par excellence..

  4. Since cuteness is more dependent on inherited features, it is more ‘built in’ compared to hotness. Retaining hotness will require enthu, effort, time – all of which is not a guarantee post marriage whereas retaining cuteness will be rather easier.

    In terms of pay-offs, the hot girl is like shorting a put option on the girl’s enthu to retain hotness. The option premium being very high in some cases (basica limited upside). The cute girl is like holding cash with inflation dependent on how cuteness diminishes with age.

    So I think the choice depends on risk apetite.

  5. Overall interesting premise, but I don’t agree that hot and cute are orthogonal. No fire without flame concept. Cute-hot is hotter than uncute-hot. Potential hotness is something you might want to define.

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