Photo Essays

Over the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been uploading photos on to Facebook from my recent trip to Italy and Greece. I’ve been doing it in bits and parts since I wouldn’t want to flood my facebook watchers with too many pics at a time. So I’ve been uploading them by city.

Looking at the photos I’ve uploaded, I realize I’ve given fairly lengthy captions to most of them. There are a few photos which don’t have any descriptions,  but they are a minority.

I realize I’m a writer first, and the photos I take are there only to enhance the story. I don’t think I’m ever capable of replacing a thousand words with a picture. I might put a picture in their place, and still write five hundred words.

And I keep this in mind every time I take a picture, I realize. I think about what story I can build AROUND the photo that I’m taking. It’s never about the story that the photo itself will tell. Perhaps this means I’ll never improve that much in my photography..

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