Alco Haalu

Does anyone know why the colloquial name for liquor in Kannada is “oil” (eNNe) while the corresponding word in Tamil is “water” (thaNNi)?

Is there some kind of a caste/class origin to it, with me being biased given that most Tamilians I know are upper caste/class, and that there is a different colloquial word that is in vogue among other classes? Because “eNNe” has more of a working-class feel to it (the name, that is), and one that has been appropriated by all sections of society.

While on the topic, I learn that the Gult word for alcohol is medicine (mandu)!! Fantastic!

What is the colloquial name for alcohol in your language, and what does it mean? Put it down in the comments here.

PS: and does anyone know why alcohol bottles are sold in black polythene covers? Never seen these things being used elsewhere so if you see a black polythene cover you know there’s a good probability it’ll contain a bottle of alcohol

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  1. Actually, they use those for sanitary napkins and other “feminine hygiene products”. I think its got to do with hiding the “shameful” contents of your shopping bag!

  2. I always assumed the opaque black packets were to conceal what you are carrying.
    Plus those black covers are sturdier than the usual polythene packets, which would be needed right, given their heavy heavy contents.

  3. The slang in Konkani is ‘Ding’ God knows what it conveys. The word is only used with a wink

    Black is also used for non-veg. So things that were not ok from a societal point of view were concealed in the same way. Whattay brilliant non-thinking

  4. You’re right that since the black bags are used mostly for alcoholic purchases they lose their intended purpose of concealing the contents within by signaling out loudly what they are. But I guess since they’re also used for meat items and, ummm, those womanly products, and also reused I’m sure for a lot of other stuff, the whole idea does make sense.

    Another Konkani slang for alcohol is “khop” (?). I’ll be deuced if I know what that actually means. Maybe it just means alcohol only!

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