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So in the wee hours of this Sunday morning I’ll be off to New York for a work trip. I’ll be there for three weeks which includes one normal weekend and one long 3day weeknd. Since this is my first ever trip to the other side of the atlantic I’m really excited.

  • I’ll be living in Lower Manhattan (place called Battery Park) and my office is supposed to be 10 minutes walk away. I hope to make as good use as possible of this trip, and hopefully I’ll have fun.
  • If any of you is in or around NYC and want to meet, let me know. Apart from the weekends, we can meet up on weekday evenings also
  • Put gyaan on places to see, visit, eat, drink, experience, etc. My aim on the trip is to put as little NED as possible and try and maximize fun
  • I want to shop also. Lots of things. Let me know what things are worth buying in New York, and places to buy them.
  • I plan to buy a DSLR camera. Talking to people about it, I’m looking for a Nikon D90/Canon 50D with the kit lens. Further lens purchases will be made later. Tell me where I can buy it. People have already suggested B & H in NYC. Any other places? And since i’m there for 3 weeks i suppose I can order online also.

Was thinking about this at office today while I was printing out my tickets, acco details, etc. Insanely kicked I am about this trip. Looking forward to having a good time.

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  1. I see you’ve got a reply from B&H :). Was going to suggest ordering online from Amazon – when I was looking around for my Nikon D5000 I found the best prices online.

    Don’t miss the kathi roll company at Bleeker and McDougal.

  2. Get a good tripod and ball head also (I suggest Manfrotto) as you will invariably need them. 50D is a good choice, go for the kit with 28-135 lens.

  3. Enjoy the city! I’m a few batches your fachchi and your blog is always super timepass at work. Good stuff.

    And which DSLR did you end up buying?

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